Mohan to Mahatma

Life & Times of Mahatma Gandhi – a pictorial journey as collectibles. Grab it at the earliest!

Mohan was the man who torched the light of fight for freedom and indelibly became a “half naked Mahatma” – a hero who saw a greater good in fighting the non-violent fight against injustice, caste system, untouchability and so much more… an awe inspiring life of a simple man who is called ‘Mahatma’ the world over…

The story unravels.

The voyage from humbleness to greatness of the modern day messiah, whose life is a message to the world – fight for your rights in most peaceful manner without any disruption – the path of non-violence.

This was the passage of growing up in a Gujarati family from Saurashtra, Gujarat – getting educated and degree in Law – travelling the ends of the world – going a language change – change to speak as ordinary people; an attire change – change to wear as ordinary people – to renouncing the finery and go to wearing the basics; joining the social and political scene – change to adjust working alongside the stalwarts… and ultimately of fighting the fight of non-violence for India’s freedom – independence of India from the British.